Our Hearts Are with Maui—Here’s How to Support Relief Efforts

Aug 10, 2023


The devastating wildfires that swept across Maui over the last 48-plus hours have left countless families, victims and first responders in desperate need of aid. While most of the world sends love and support from afar, we’re also doing our best to aid relief efforts. Please join us in helping the historic town of Lahaina and all those affected get the help and funding necessary to survive this tragic event.

The following are a few recommended causes, which are working directly with the community relief efforts, to consider donating to:

  1. Maui Strong Fund, hosted by the Hawai’i Community Foundation
  2. Kākoʻo Maui Match Donation Fund, hosted by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
  3. Maui Fire Disaster Relief, hosted by Maui United Way
  4. American Red Cross of Hawaii

Our hearts are with Maui as they continue to navigate these devastating events.


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