We sat down with with GoPro Vice President of Global Marketing Rick Loughery to learn how the father of three uses GoPro and and the new GoPro app, Quik, to capture, create and share family moments. After all, Father's Day is right around the corner!

The following are Rick's top tips for capturing family content this summer and beyond.

1. Get the right gear + get the whole family involved

The No. 1 thing I’ve learned as a parent is to always be prepared.  But … I am not. When I DO remember, I grab my GoPro—it’s small enough to put in my pocket and will take any beating the family puts it through. 

And, I have two go-to mounts: the floating Handler grip for water adventures and the Bite Mount for when I want hands-free POV.  

GoPro is known for being used in extreme sports, so go ahead and push it to the extremes … toss it to your kids let them capture the summer adventures and see what kind of crazy, adorable goofy videos they come back with! And with HERO9’s HyperSmooth video stabilization, the footage will be smooth, shake-free and fun to watch. 

2. Mix your shots up a bit

I often see people only do one long recording. You’re way better off taking short videos and putting the camera in unique places to get creative shots and multiple angles.   These shots, along with the videos the kids capture, will make for a fun video. It might even manage to not bore the teenager in your family. 

Another important tip is that you can pull high-res still photos from GoPro videos. This means you can record and take photos all at once.

3. Save Time with Quik Videos

As a parent you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done. So trying to find time to make videos from your summer adventures can be a challenge … With GoPro's new app, Quik, time is on your side! Pull photos and videos from your phone, GoPro or other camera into the app and Quik will automatically make a video for you.

Quik is for everybody – not just GoPro users. It works on iPhone and Android. AND it's a great way save your favorite photos and videos, no matter what device you use to capture your summer memories.

Plus, Quik organizes your favorite photos and videos into these really cool, dynamic, live albums called Murals. So after the summer is long gone, you can easily find your favorite memories without losing them in the abyss of your phone’s camera roll.

4. Back up your memories

This is hands down my favorite tip: GoPro cameras can be set up to automatically send all your photos and videos to GoPro’s cloud service for safe keeping.

When I get home, I just plug my GoPro in to charge, and it automatically joins our home WiFi network to start transferring all of the day’s content onto the GoPro Cloud. Later, I can log onto the cloud from any device and my footage is waiting there for me to look through.

GoPro’s cloud service also stores footage at its original resolution quality, so there’s no downsizing to worry about—even when you go to find memories 2 or 3 years from now.

Learn more about Quik here and the GoPro Subscription here