3,2,1, Bonanza!

It was early in the morning, the sun barely cresting above the horizon, caffeine yet to kick in, when the Universe connected two people who would unknowingly come together to create the opening segments to launch GoPro’s spherical camera, Fusion. Lee Bledsoe from Digital Domain was in Italy, with a GoPro Fusion in hand, when he ran into GoPro athlete Marshall Miller.

Digital Domain, where Bledsoe is a VR cinematographer, has a history of producing high quality live action VR content and participated in the Fusion pilot program earlier this year, and Miller, well he’s Marshall Miller--world-class paraglider pilot, ski base jumper and Pro-rated skydiver.

After the initial introductions, Miller dropped a bombshell offer.

“We are going into the Italian Dolomites for the next 4 days. We’ve chartered a helicopter and will be jumping the 10 most iconic peaks for what should be never before seen wingsuit proximity flight content. You should come. Bring your Fusion!”

Needless to say, Bledsoe’s jaw dropped and his imagination ran wild at the possibilities of what the backdrop of the Italian Dolomites and this group of talented guys could provide--a one of a kind 360 VR experience.

The Digital Domain crew quickly brainstormed “cool” shots, mounting positions, and dreamt of ideal moments to capture, roughing out a short story concept and shot list which gave something to shoot towards.

The Dolomites are remote, rugged, and beautiful. Remote brings a lack of solid communications, and rugged and beautiful, one hell of a playground to push the capabilities of the Fusion.

FIRST JUMP: Playing it Safe

Starting with a safe mounting location for the Fusion on Miller’s helmet on a forward facing 6” knarwal with the Fusion set to 5.2k 30fps. This setup gives the highest quality image, is safe for the athlete and gives predictable results.

Results: Footage on camera, check! Epicness? Could be better.

TEST JUMPS: Testing the Limits

Four different mounts & 3.2k 60fps mode made appearances here. 

Results: Footage getting better, more unpredictable.

LAST JUMP: Winning Sequence

How did we get the shot that makes you feel like you are flying alongside Miller?

Miller has experience attaching cameras to his chest for jumps. Why not the Fusion? After a few trials & errors, a 10” extension on Miller’s chesty gave the rigidity to make the flight safe against the wind force. It also showed enough distance for the viewer to fly alongside Miller.

Results: Success!