HERO11 Black Firmware Update Brings 10-Bit to 4K120 + More

Dec 14, 2022


Firmware update v2.0 is available for HERO11 Black starting today. This update unlocks incredible 10-bit color to 4K video at 120 frames per second. Not only does this bring a display of over 1 billion colors to 4K footage, but it also delivers enhanced color depth, smoother gradations and more realism in your videos at a slo-mo capable frame rate. 10-bit at 4K120 will capture the most lifelike, captivating footage ever on a GoPro.

HERO11 Black firmware v2.0 also adds:

  • Longest Battery video mode
  • QuikCapture support for The Remote
  • QuikCapture support for Volta

With the new Longest Battery video mode, HERO11 Black now totals three video modes aimed to guide user experience based on their desired video outcomes:

  1. Highest Quality: The highest-quality video resolutions and frame rates to help you capture the best-looking footage possible.
  2. Extended Battery: Mid-range quality video resolutions and frame rates to help you capture stunning quality footage while extending your battery life.
  3. Longest Battery: Standard quality video resolutions and frame rates to help you capture good looking footage while providing the longest battery life possible.

To update HERO11 Black, owners need only connect their camera to GoPro’s Quik app. Or visit this page to learn how to manually update your camera.

Learn more about the award-winning HERO11 Black here.


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