Throughout the past few months, we've watched—sometimes concerned, other times stoic—as a global pandemic unfolds around us, and throughout it all, we've been in awe of the stories that have surfaced about how people are using our products in this pivotal moment. GoPro is inherently a versatile creative tool, and we are incredibly humbled by how people are expanding this definition.

We’ve been so inspired by these new, impactful uses cases, that we are kicking off the HERO Alert Series—a nod to our original Be a HERO slogan—as a place to celebrate these stories in real time. First up, to coincide with International Nurses Day, we are sharing a story from Mt. Sinai Health System's perspective.

As the Mount Sinai staff navigated COVID-19, they wanted to share the stories of the nurses on the front lines, but inviting a full camera crew into the hospital was out of the question for the health and safety of all those involved. That's when they turned to GoPro. Nurses were asked to wear a GoPro mounted to a Chesty to capture first-person POV of their work in the ICU.

In the video, Jessica Montanaro, a nurse at Mount Sinai Morningside, takes us through her day, from the minute she says goodbye to her family in the morning, to the trenches of COVID19 response, and finally, to the end of her shift when New York City participates in the 7 p.m. appreciation clap. 

Please joing us in giving a huge round of applause to all the nurses, doctors and frontline workers around the globe who continue to keep us all safe every day. Follow Mt. Sinai on Instagram and Facebook for more stories from the frontline.

Check back on The Inside Line for our next HERO Alert!