Dec 17, 2018

Words by Alena Roland, GoPro Director of Benefits and People Operations

As December draws to a close, and the all-too-familiar cold weather descends upon the northern hemisphere, holiday cheer reaches its seasonal peak. At GoPro, employees do their best to add to that cheer through the annual 12 Days of Cause celebrations, which just wrapped up its fourth consecutive year. 

As part of the year-round GoPro Employees for a Cause program, GoPro partners with local organizations near each of our global offices to present volunteer opportunities. Employees participating in the 12 Days of Cause then donate time during the work week to volunteer at least one event from Nov. 26 to Dec. 7—sharing stories, experiences, laguhs and more. 

Almost half of GoPro employees volunteered, amassing over 1,650 volunteer hours in 2018 alone. GoPro, too, has matched over $26,000 in employee donations and has donated over 90 HERO cameras on behalf of employees to help amazing non-profits share their stories.

Across California, Europe and Asia, employees cleaned beaches, sorted donated clothing and school supplies, taught underrepresented students ocean safety and surfing, removed plastic from water systems, and wrote cards filled with holiday cheer. It's a true testimate to the giving nature, innate to GoPro.

I like to give a huge shout-out to each employee and team at GoPro that volunteered, donated and spent time giving back to our communities during 12 Days of Cause and 2018 as a whole! We can’t wait for next year!

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