Jun 5, 2017

This morning, Apple announced details of macOS High Sierra, the forthcoming release of their operating system for Mac desktops and laptops. Among many exciting new features (ARKit, whoa!), this new version of macOS will be natively compatible with virtual reality headsets. And over the past few weeks, GoPro quietly designed a new version of the widely downloaded (and free) GoPro VR player to ensure compatibility with macOS High Sierra!

GoPro VR player supports most 360° video formats and allows for a quick preview of your 360° videos shot with your GoPro Omni, the forthcoming GoPro Fusion, or any other 360-degree camera. Grab your virtual reality headset and look up, down, left and right; enjoy the magic of 360-degree video whether you are on Windows or macOS.    

Soon you’ll be able to just plug in your VR headset to your Apple desktop or laptop, launch GoPro VR player, and immerse yourself in a virtual world!

Look forward to details of the new version of GoPro VR Player soon via the Kolor blog.