For many, Shark Week is an opportunity to see some of the scariest and most violent animals on the planet devour their prey in violent feeding frenzies. Factor in a news story of a shark attack on a swimmer or surfer and it’s no wonder sharks are some of the most widely feared animals on the planet. Thankfully though, shark hype is much more common than a shark bite.

So earlier this year, GoPro human flight athletes Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino joined shark conservationist Jim Abernathy, along with the GoPro VR team, in an attempt to dispel some of the fear so commonly associated with the mysterious creatures. Jeb, Roberta and Jim lived on a boat for nearly a week, diving cage-free in the Bahamas and capturing amazing VR footage of the wildlife near Tiger Beach–which happens to be the natural habitat for great hammerhead sharks. This footage gives viewers an up-close-and-personal encounter to these majestic animals that most people will never have in their life.

Sadly, these beautiful animals are becoming scarce. In the last 40 to 50 years, humans have wiped out 90% of the planet’s shark population. In fact, for every human killed by a shark, humans in turn kill approximately 2 million sharks. The animal, however, is essential in keeping the ocean ecosystem in balance by removing the dead and the dying from the waters.

While some viewers may still be weary of swimming with sharks outside of the cage, this latest Gopro VR piece shows just how gentle and majestic these powerful creatures can be. Dive below and see for yourself.