Sit back and enjoy as the GoPro Skate Team explores the streets of Thailand by wheels, rails, gaps and, of course, tuk tuks. From Bangkok to Phuket, the crew cruised the Thai skate scene with GoPro family members and filmers Chris RayMike "Hoops" Aldape and local Dani Galli. But like all trips, there were good times and not-so-good times, so of course we asked for everyone to spill the goss on their highlights and lowlights. 

chris cole with the gopro skate team in thailand superphoto

Chris Cole
High: Skating the DIY park—I didn’t want to stop.
Low: The mosquitos got me.

Curren Caples
High: Skating a DIY with the locals there and seeing how stoked they were.
Low: How far I had to walk to my room in our house in Phuket because it was so big (haha)!

Sewa Kroetkov
High: The energy of the crew, especially Hoops’ one-liners.
Low: Having to leave such an amazing trip.

gopro skate team thailand waterfall

Sean Malto
High: Visiting the waterfall in Phuket was amazing.
Low: The heat.

Chris Ray
High: The Preduce skate shop boys. They were the best guides and the best dudes.
Low: I wish the trip was longer. I didn’t want it to end.

gopro skate team in thailand madars aspe

Madars Apse
High: Staying with the best dudes every day, and the boat ride to go use the new camera snorkeling.
Low: My foot was a bit hurt, so I wanted to do a bit more tricks-wise but I couldn’t.

High: Can’t pin one down the whole trip was amazing.
Low: All the mosquitos.

Dani Galli
High: Staying in the Airbnbs with the crew.
Low: There is no low light, honestly.

gopro skate team in thailand andrew brophy

Andrew Brophy
High: Scooter riding in Phuket and riding down dirt tracks (haha), early morning swims, coffees with the lads at the beach and just exploring what Thailand had to offer. It was a brilliant time to share with the GoPro Team, total highlight and a great experience.
Low: Injuring my knee slightly in Phuket was a bummer and dampened my spirit a little, but it was still awesome to hang with everyone the last two days and enjoy the company. Also, leaving! Thailand is incredible.

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