Mic Bergsma is a lot of things—charismatic, a hockey rockstar, an awesome wakeboarder, a YouTube sensation, Insta famous, and a killer husband. But our personal favorite is that Mic is a GoPro guru and an important part of the GoPro fam since 2012.

The self-taught photographer first learned about GoPro when it launched in 2010. Up until then, Mic says he only dreamt of a waterproof, cord-free camera. So when he first saw GoPro footage playing at his local motorcycle shop, he was immediately intrigued.

“I was like, ‘Whoa! The quality! Waterproof! That camera is so easy to use!’” He remembers. “I bought one online right away, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Mic, as he describes it, was one of those kids who would steal his mom’s camera, blaze through the film, and secretly wait until it was developed to reap the rewards (and consequences for using all the film!) He got his first video camera in high school, and fell in love, so GoPro was a natural upgrade for the active film buff.

Around this time, Mic also discovered a love for sharing knowledge. Specifically, he began teaching kids to wakeboard at a church camp in Texas. This, plus his creative skillset and the birth of YouTube, led to Mic launching a scooter-tutorial page.

Then, he started a scooter-repair YouTube channel that gained a bigger following than he expected. But Mic just loved how his knowledge was helping other people. In fact, the inspiration behind his GoPro page came from the suggestion of a YouTube fan.

“I wasn't sure if it was worth it but decided to try it out,” he recalls, “After a few tips, people loved them, and I found I really enjoyed helping people!”

There is one more amazing thing about Mic we’ve yet to mention—he is also deaf. So far, he says the only thing this impacts is his musical overlays, and sometimes his correspondence—email has proven much easier. Beyond that, the only thing he does differently is put subtitles on every videos.

To date, he says the most valuable tips touch upon keeping footage steady and dialing in the proper settings. But teaching this skillset isn’t what kept him creating, it was the positive response from his growing community that Mic loved.

“I love meeting people in person and seeing big smiles on their faces when they learned something new [from me],” He says. “That makes me feel good!”

Most recently, we teamed up with Mic to gain a real time user’s take on the new HERO5 Black and Quik software to see if it’s as user-friendly as we hoped. Check out his “GoPro Gets Easy” series.

Visit Mic’s website, MicBergsma.tv, for more GoPro tips and tricks.