Feb 5, 2020


Over the past few months, an estimated 15.6 million acres across Australia has burned and fires continue to burn. In partnership with longtime GoPro Family Member Brinkley Davies, GoPro has pledged to donate to the DGR-endorsed Australian charity Balu Blue Foundation, which is helping aid the ongoing relief efforts for the devastating Australia bush fires.

More from Brinkley below.  

“Australia is currently facing a climate crisis, with fires burning now for over two months. In the last few weeks, many have lost everything. Over 1.2 billion native animals have lost their lives and their homes.

I have been on the ground in South Australia volunteering, fundraising and sharing messages and stories of home, which is suffering greatly.

GoPro family member brinkley davies supports australian wild fire devastation

Along with a team of amazing people, we have put together a fundraiser which evenly helps wildlife and humanitarian aid, supporting 6 registered charities and causes, all helping in fighting fires, offering relief for people who have lost homes, wildlife aid and rescue.

The focus moving forward? Rebuilding and protecting habitats which have been lost and will be crucial for the survival and revival of native wildlife. What has been lost will take decades to come back, and we want to be a part of supporting the future of wildlife in these regions which are so unique, and special. This is a time for many to come together and help those in need.”

Influence for Good's team is compiled of 18 individuals, including Marie Ferlings & Jake SnowdenTyson Mayr, Elliot Grafton, Sarah Royall, Sjana Earp, Sam Evans and Brinkley Davies. Together, they chose six organizations to evenly split donations across—three humanitarian-focused and three wildlife.

One of which is Wildlife Victoria. With a mission to help and protect wildlife through rescue, education, and advocacy activities, Wildlife Victoria will be using their donations to ensure wildlife shelters and carers have the funds to help rebuild enclosures or replace equipment that was lost in the fires.

If you're able to donate or are interested in learning more, please visit the 'Influence for Good' team fundraiser page.