Punxsutawney Phil has spoken, and in case you missed it, he predicted an early spring.  So we are kicking off the sunny season with the #TripOn GoPro Awards Challenge to capture and share all the thawed-out spring travels we’ve been dreaming about. Think of this one as a little less sendy, and a little more scenic. 

Bring on the adventure, and don’t hold back on the epic discoveries in remote locations because we'll be awarding $500 for the best photos and $1,000 for the best videos weekly. Grab a HERO7 Black and get shooting—here are some ideas from the pros to get you started.


  1. Selfie: Tap into HERO7 Black’s new photo timer—literally! In Photo Mode, set the timer to 3s for the perfect solo selfie or 10s to grab a group shot. 
  2. Landscape: Let SuperPhoto do the work for you. Set GoPro HERO7 Black to AUTO in Photo Mode and frame up the perfect scenic landscape shot using the LCD screen or GoPro app. 
  3. Transportation: Make your video smoother than your travels with HyperSmooth. Double Pro Tip: Set the aspect ratio to 4:3 to get the best POV shots.   
  4. POV: POV may stand for ‘Point of View’ but on the ‘gram it’s synonymous with ‘Proof of Visit.’ So capture the perfect POV shot using the Bite Mount and Video Mode set to a 4:3 aspect ratio to ensure you’re in the shot.

Visit gopro.com/awards and check on the #TripOn Content Challenge or submit directly here.

*The #TripOn Challenge runs through Spring/Summer 2019.