If you recently opened the GoPro app hoping to change Protune settings or camera beep volume on a paired camera, you may have noticed these features are no longer available. And if you’re reading this now wondering if it is just you, it isn’t. It’s us.  

You can still control both Protune settings and camera beep volume directly on the camera. However, if accessing the back LCD display to do so is not possible in your creative workflow, here are some other methods we recommend.

  1. Use Camera Presets - HERO9 Black and HERO8 Black allow users to customize up to 10 capture settings. We recommend you log your preferred Protune settings as presets. Then, use the GoPro app to easily toggle between custom presets while filming.
  2. Use one of the two GoPro smart remotes - The Remote (2020) or Smart Remote (2012) - If you have HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black and MAX, you can change capture presets using The Remote. If you have a HERO7 Black or earlier GoPro, you can use the Smart Remote to change Protune settings.
  3. Use GoPro Labs - We’ve developed a QR code method to control camera settings where all you have to do is point your camera at the QR code and it will trigger pre-determined settings. To access this, update your GoPro with GoPro Labs firmware, available here, and then create your own custom codes here.

Please note: For camera beep volume, the only option to change this setting is directly on your GoPro.

We will continue to update this post as more information is available.