Jan 25, 2019

Adventure photographer and athlete Travis Burke’s diverse and creative approach to outdoor photography stems from his own perspective on life. Whether he is walking a slackline over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean or capturing the Milky Way Galaxy in remote locations, Travis is constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft.

Travis has been shooting with GoPro since the original HERO was released in 2005. Here is an exclusive look at the features on the HERO7 Black from his perspective.

1. Sunset at Smith Rock: SuperPhoto - HDR AUTO

SuperPhoto is an awesome new setting that allows you to easily create an image using the best in-camera processing power possible. I used it here during a hike at Smith Rock in Oregon because it guaranteed in the perfect settings.

Here’s how it works: depending on the scene, SuperPhoto automatically chooses between four settings that optimize your shot, including HDR (high dynamic range). Basically, it allows you to get more detail in the shadows and the highlights and retain more of the colors that are there in real life—making the final image more realistic to how your eye actually perceives the landscape, which cameras have a hard time replicating. I anticipate using this mode often since I tend to shoot manually, SuperPhoto is a great way to quickly and easily capture moments without messing with any settings like shutter speed or ISO in Protune.

2. Beneath the Surface of Mirror Lake: Portrait + Time Lapse Modes

On a recent trip to Indonesia, I was able to test out the new vertical ability of the HERO7 Black while using Time Lapse mode. My friend Brinkley and I were traveling on a small boat through mangrove forests and thick jungles when we arrived at a spot called Mirror Lake. I had a vision to capture an underwater image within the branches of a fallen tree, and I knew I needed a tall frame to make it happen. So, I took a deep breath and dove down with my HERO7 Black prepped to shoot in Portrait Mode with Time Lapse set to a .5 second interval.

By having the GoPro shoot every half second, it gave me plenty of options for which framing worked best for both the composition and capturing Brinkley’s position while she walked along the branch. In the end, I think we definitely got the shot of a lifetime!

3. SoCal Paragliding Vibes: HyperSmooth + Video Portrait Mode

The new HyperSmooth feature on HERO7 Black is mind-blowing. I tested it out while paragliding off the coast of my hometown in Southern California and was stoked on the results! Not only was the footage extremely stable, but being able to shoot vertically makes it so easy to create content for Instagram stories. And with the GoPro app, I can post professional-quality footage to Instagram Stories immediately afterward.

I basically use HyperSmooth for all my videos now—it’s one of my favorite new features of the HERO7. It’s easy, it makes your content look more professional, and it saves a lot of work on the back end.

With this shoot specficially, I used one of GoPro’s newer mounts—the Bite Mount. It allows me to create content hands-free with the best and more realistic POV video possible. Plus, the built-in mounting buckle slides into any compatible GoPro mount, so it’s easy to switch perspectives, which I appreciate when I’m on the move.

4. Bait Ball Diving in Indo: HyperSmooth + Waterproof + Rugged

This is another one of my favorites from Indo featuring HyperSmooth. This quick edit shows just how great it is to have such a diverse and compact camera on hand at all times to document my travels. From the locals playing music to the boat ride to hopping right off the boat into a bait ball, we were able to capture the full experience without changing gear, grabbing housing or changing settings.

I really do use my GoPro to document everything that’s happening on these special adventures. I always have it with me, it creates a unique perspective, and with the new features, it makes it super easy to be able to instantly share content with my audience or friends. It’s been a staple in my camera bag since 2005, and I know it will be for years to come!