Ever since we launched our GoPro for a Cause Program, we’ve had a close partnership with City Surf Project (CSP). Our employees volunteer and surf with them, we support their programs and love and believe in the mission. CSP works to ensure equitable access to the ocean and the benefits of outdoor recreation for Bay Area youth who historically have not seen their identities reflected in the outdoor space by providing opportunities to learn surfing—a challenging sport that fosters physical and mental well-being, a connection to nature and healthy living.

Today, we are proud to release a video, produced by our friends over at *Kindhumans, that tells the story and impact of this special organization. Check it out below! 

Access to safe outdoor recreation is always important for the young folks who participate in City Surf Project’s programs. The programs represent not only a way to connect to the ocean and stay physically active, but they also help to mange stress and promote mental health and well-being. It’s been particularly challenging recently for youth to stay connected with the program due to stay-at-home orders. But the amazing team at City Surf Project has been hosting virtual events to keep everyone connected and thinking about surfing and wellness. 

The following video is about the healing and transformative power of surfing and the result of a collaboration between Kindhumans, GoPro and CSP. It was filmed during a program day last fall that featured a special guest appearance by professional surfer Kassia Meador. From sound healing waves to healing ocean waves, Kassia shared her talent and energy on land and in the water and with the skilled storytellers from Kindhumans.

Celebrate, Surf and Share the Love

One of the key fundraisers for CSP over the last three years has been its Surf-A-Thon that recognizes International Surfing Day (June 20) and brings people together to celebrate the ocean and the joys of wave riding.

Simply put, the world is different today than when this year’s Surf-A-Thon was planned. COVID-19 and the recent acts of violence have exposed us all to the unjust reality that exists for communities of color, particularly for the Black community. CSP’s priorities have not changed. We remain committed to ensuring equity and access to the ocean and surfing for youth who have historically not seen their identities reflected in outdoor spaces. We understand that we as individuals, and as an organization, are in need of doing more to ensure true equity and representation in surfing, in outdoor spaces and in all spaces. 

To support City Surf in its mission to ensure equity and access to surfing, sign up today, join the Surf-A-Thon and share the stoke with the next generation of surfers.

*Kindhumans is a positive movement of respect and understanding, rooted in helping facilitate small, conscious decisions with a big, positive impact. It is these ideals that serve as the foundation for the Kindhumans community. The Kindhumans' platform is built to amplify, celebrate,and share the stories of humans working to make this world a better place!  “Kindness can change the world. “- Kindhumans Co-founder Justin Wilkenfeld