G’day GoPro Followers. We’ve hopped on down to Western Australia to welcome 40 members of the GoPro Family, representing 19 countries, to the second annual GoPro Creator Summit.

Why Western Australia? Well mates, we’ll let you in on a little secret—good content knows no limits. And since we’re constantly trying to push the limits—of GoPro and of content creation—we set out to find some of the most pristine sceneries on Earth to host some of the most talented GoPro athletes, advocates, ambassadors and Award recipients

This brings us to the remote Kimberley region, and specifically, the beaches of Broome. In contrast to last year’s Creator Summit taking over the picturesque peaks in Alberta, Canada, this year is all about rich red cliffs, turquoise waters, kangaroos and camels.

From August 4 to 8, Cable Beach Club Resort will be the crew's home. The days will consist of training sessions that cover effective storytelling, mastering social content and Photoshop followed by hands-on adventures in the region. At this time, content creators will be asked to put their new knowledge to the test armed with a HERO7 Black and surrounded by legendary sites. Once back at the resort, the group will gather to review and edit content from the day amongst GoPro’s own in-house media team and experts.

While the locals boast about the laid back “Broometime,” the GoPro Fam is holding nothing back as we scour the surrounding area to “get the shot.” Throughout the entirety of the Creator Summit, guests will also be submitting to various GoPro Awards challenges specific to the week. Categories include the best door-to-door journey to your Broome room video and best all-in recap, as well as daily best photo and most creative 6-second moment challenges.

If you’ve never seen a camel cruising down a beach or a waterfall that flows horizontally, follow #GoProCreatorSummit, #SeeAustralia and #JustAnotherDayInWA to experience the massive bucket list of experiences Broome has to offer.

If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of us debating the difference between bell peppers and capsicums, bathing suits and cozies over espresso martinis. Cheers, mates.