Jul 27, 2019

Our GoPro Family is near and dear to our hearts. On this year’s National Parents’ Day, we want to feature a few of our very own GoPro families that make GoPro – and the GoPro community – so special. 

The following words are by Tanner Brunsdale, Benefits and Wellness Program Manager, and a few of our GoPro parents. 

Parents’ Day was created to celebrate the important and amazing commitments and contributions parents make to their children. GoPro parents are a breed of their own – they live the GoPro brand while raising the next generation of adventurers, creators and innovators. We love showing off our families so much we asked for our GoPro parents around the globe to share their favorite moments with us. 

Dawn Birkett, Director of Workplace Services

“We’re GoPro newbies, but have been really enjoying watching life from our kids perspectives. Both kids jump at the chance to film themselves and their friends, especially in the pool or on the slip n slip. As the mom who is always taking the photo, I’ve enjoyed that I can hop in and be a part of the photo too!”

Lonie Paxton, Sr. Global Entertainment Marketing Manager

“GoPro has completely changed the way we create the memories with our kids. Not only are we able to capture the sickest hands free moments of our day to day lives together, but I’m able to throw it up on the computer afterwards and show them how they look in our eyes. It never gets old…Only we do!!!”

Fong Tran, Senior Product Manager

“Kai’s grandparents, who live in Los Angeles and Taiwan, often expressed sadness because they are not able to see him grow up in person.  To make them feel closer, I use my GoPro to capture everyday moments and then create short edits using Quik that I share with them on a regular cadence.  These videos bring them a great deal of joy and make them feel part of Kai’s life. 

I greatly appreciate my GoPro for this!”

Chris Clark, Head of Communications

“The original film HERO launched two months before the birth of my first daughter (I have two daughters today), and GoPro has been my sidekick ever since. It has allowed me to truly live in the moment and experience life with my girls while also capturing unique moments of joy, excitement, fear and so much of the unexpected. The best shots come with serendipity – experiences we couldn’t plan or foresee. I’m definitely the embarrassing dad to my girls now, but we have a lot of fun capturing the moments of today and also digging into our family GoPro archive to relive these moments.”

At GoPro, it’s important to us that we take care of those that take care of us. That’s why we’re proud to:

  • Offer 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all new parents
  • Have flexible work policies and discretionary time off
  • Have several mother's rooms on campus
  • Host Take Your Kids to Work Day annually
  • Provide 100% of medical, dental and vision premiums for all employees, including 80% for dependents.

Cheers to the GoPro Family on 2019’s Parents’ Day! Join the celebrations by sharing your favorite family memories with us on social!