We asked GoPro media team member and content creating extraordinaire Abe Kiselvitz for his Top 10 Binge-Worthy GoPro videos, and we got more than we bargained for. After all, Abe has been part of the GoPro Team since the HD HERO days, so here are a five bonus favorites from Abe. 

These videos also have one more thing in common. They all hail from the long-form, documentary-style genre of GoPro videos, and they are worth every minute. Check it out.


5. Our Orangutan Brethren

"A powerful story about Orangutans and how their environment is being destroyed."

4. Japan Snot - The Search for Perfection

"You get a little bit of everything in this travel video through Japan in search of good snow."

3. The Seed Vault

"A really cool account of the seed vault in Norway. Really cool time lapses and a great story."

2. Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler

"This longer form video is feel good with great music."

1. The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice + the whole Foruth Phase series

"This whole series is super badass and gives a lot of intimate moments with Travis Rice and friends in some of the best snowboarding POV that exists."

Check out more GoPro bangers on our YouTube Channel, and check back on The Inside Line for more installments of this binge-worthy series.

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