Spending more time at home than usual? We can relate. We can also help by serving up some binge-worthy playlists curated by the people who know our videos best—the GoPro Athletes, Family and staff. 

These bangers are the vaccine to boredom and 100% family friendly, so press pause on your Netflix surfing and press play on these favorites.


Tune in below for a Top 10 Binge-Worthy Bangers list by big wave surfer Nathan Florence.


10. Proximity Speedfly through Austrian Alps

“This video is mind-bending. The risk of hitting is so high and obviously deadly, yet this guy seems to be trying to push how close he can get. I was glued to the screen.”

9. Experimental Rockets

“I love rockets and explosions, getting to watch a rockets POV? Sign me up!”

8. Kai Lenny Surfs Jaws

“These clips Kai got were incredible, maybe it’s because i know what goes into getting those waves, but those were some of my favorite GoPro clips ever from a surfer and inspired me to take my GoPro out to Jaws.”

7. 2019 Top 10 Moments of Winter

“Anything snow I love. POV from back of an eagle? How can it get better? I’ll watch that highlight reel all day, Goose.”

6. Foggy Forest MTB

“This just has everything that draws me in visually—forest, fog and somebody sending a trail at high speed!”

5. Pinkbike's 'GoPro of the World'

“This guy is an absolute unit, riding a trail of wood barely wide enough for his tire at that speed—INSANE! And the clip is just awesome to enjoy POV.”

4. Kelly McGarry Backflip Over 72ft Canyon

“The title says it all. These guys give me anxiety watching their POVs. A wrong move and you are gonna be seriously hurt. Yet not only are they full send on speed, they are backflipping massive jumps down a mountain like a video game.”

3. Snow Leopard Meets MAX

“Incredible interaction with nature. The leopard knew there was something up and, curious as cats are, investigated. Nailing this clip was a miracle—I love it.”

2. Rocky New Zealand Speedfly

“Again, WOW … these guys are on such another level. I was afraid the whole time, nearly covering my eyes. What a ride! I honestly don’t know how they do it. I watch this and think big wave surfing is a walk in the park.”

1. Travis Rice's Insane Pillow Line

“There is something just so satisfying about seeing ththisat clip, riding over fresh pillow powder like that! It looks fake it’s so beautiful and fun! One of best POVS EVER!”

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