Spending more time at home than usual? We can relate. We can also help by serving up some binge-worthy playlists curated by the people who know our videos best—the GoPro Athletes, Family and staff. 

These bangers are the vaccine to boredom and 100% family friendly, so press pause on your Netflix surfing and press play on these favorites.


Tune in below for a Top 10 Binge-Worthy GoPro Bangers list by big-wave surfer, SUP extraordinaire and all-around waterman Kai Lenny.


10. Wakeboarding in Japan with Alliance Wake

"The slo-mo shots are mesmerizing. This makes me want to get on the water and throw spray and feel time slow down in the air."

9. Rocky New Zealand Speedfly

"I appreciate how critical it would have been flying that line. Best part was how long it was."

8. MAX Mammoth Park Session

“Not only was the park footage crazy, but the shots going to the mountain and the unique aerial angles were awesome."

7. Anthony Walsh Indo Surf

“Anthony is a master tube rider, awesome to see/feel what it's like to get barreled like he does."

6. MAX Launch Video

“When this video came out, it blew my mind—a new, fresh prospective for POV. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the easy-to-use MAX"

5. Onboard the Fastest Hydroplanes

“The rooster tails as they go so fast over water gets me amped. Falling at that speed is like tomahawking on concrete with bumps on it."

4. Travis Rice Backcountry Snowboarding Highlights

“My favorite big mountain snowboarder. I want to emulate him on big waves."

3. Kai Lenny Surfs Jaws

“Brings back great memories of surfing Jaws. Having the confidence to just send it when the waves are terrifying."

2. Formula Drift with HERO7

“The drone combined with the drifting and smoke made me wish they’d make another Tokyo Drift movie with these angles!"

1. Epic Cloud Cave Wingsuit

“This video captures the freedom of flight. Makes me want to go fly like they do."

BONUS: Ronnie Renner Dune Patrol

 “Mad Max in the desert, you wouldn’t want to race Ronnie! The sand spray was what made this video next level!"

Check out more GoPro bangers on our YouTube Channel, and check back on The Inside Line for more installments of this binge-worthy series. And submit some of your own to GoPro Awards for the chance to be featured across GoPro channels doing something epic.