Spending more time at home than usual? We can relate. We can also help by serving up some binge-worthy playlists curated by the people who know our videos best—the GoPro Athletes, Family and staff. 

These bangers are the vaccine to boredom and 100% family friendly, so press pause on your Netflix surfing and press play on these favorites.


Tune in below for a Top 10 Binge-Worthy Bangers list by GoPro Surf Athlete and barrel god Anthony Walsh.


10. Ocean Ramsey and a Great White

“I love sharks. We need them to keep our oceans regulated. Without sharks, our oceans would be imbalanced and wouldn't be heathy. One third of the air we breathe comes from the ocean and 70% of our world is covered by the ocean, so you can see how important they are to keeping that balance.

I have always wanted to swim outside the cage with great whites—they are the apex predators of the ocean but also very smart. Here, my friends Ocean and Juan, show how it’s done.”

9. Marshall Miller Jumps Into the Unknown

“My fellow GoPro Athlete and friend Marshall is a mad man in the sky, but the nicest guy on land. I would love to BASE jump or wing suit one day. This video is insane.”

8. Anthony Walsh Indo Surf

“I love Indonesia. It’s one of my fav places to go in the world. In this video, I was able to take my family with me, and GoPro allowed me to go on my own with the new cameras—MAX and HERO8—to test and get content. This was as fun as it gets.”

7. Lions 

“So jealous of Kevin’s relationships with these animals. My friend, and longtime GoPro employee, Brad was on the trip and told me all about how they were in cages and unable to get out or they would be toast. It’s so cool to see what they got and how they accept him.”

6. Discovering the Mentawais

“I have always loved exploring new places and hearing stories of exploring. Martin Daly was one of the pioneers and to reenact one of his trips with him was super cool with an amazing group of surfers and crew.”

5. Orca vs. SUP

“This is why I think everyone should have a GoPro—anything can happen anywhere! And to capture it and have forever and share with friends, family and the world is unforgettable. 

Also my fav animals in the world are orcas; they are so smart and amazing creatures. I want this experience so badly.”

4. The Legendary Barrels of Namibia

“Best surf trip of my life, best wave of my life with amazing friends, and one I will never ever forget.”

3. HERO3 Launch Reel

“The HERO3 launch reel makes me so inspired, especially at the time it launched! Amazing, beautiful shots. And this is the first time GoPro used my shots for a reel—I was soooooooo excited to get the ending shot.”

2. Walshy Tahiti TV Commercial

“To choose between this clip and my No. 1 was so hard. This is my fav shot I have ever got!

When Brad and I first watched this footage, we were yelling and screaming and couldn't believe it. I was trying to capture this for six years and finally got it! I had a lot of fails, bad wipeouts and people like Kelly Slater not believing that this mount would get create crazy footage, but after he saw this clip along with the whole rest of the trip, he was using it trying to get a better shot!”

1. Tahiti Surf with Walshy + Matahi Drollet

“Matahi and I in Tahiti being towed in by his brother Manoa, and with Brad and Mike as the rest of the team. This day was insane. We lost like 24 cameras trying to get these shots while shooting with what was a six-camera rig at the time. Plus, getting towed into a box at Teahupo’o behind someone was not easy and super dangerous, but worth every moment.”

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