Spending more time at home than usual? We can relate. We can also help by serving up some binge-worthy playlists curated by the people who know our videos best—the GoPro Athletes, Family and staff. 

These bangers are the vaccine to boredom and 100% family friendly, so press pause on your Netflix surfing and press play on these favorites.


Tune in below for a Top 10 Binge-Worthy GoPro Bangers list by GoPro's own Abe Kislevitz.


10. Shark Riders

"Get up close and personal with sharks and Mark Healey's inner mindset when he's freediving. Tons of amazing shots and some eerie moments."

9. Searching for Whale Song

"Another video to show the beauty around us paired with clever cuts, funny dialogue and great music."

8. A Skier's Search for Meaning with Ryan Price

"This piece shows how a season of random clips can be arranged into a beautiful, often tear-inducing story of a search for meaning in this beautiful world."

7. New York City: A Day in the Life Starring Ryan Sheckler

"GoPro teamed up with Ryan Sheckler in NYC to launch the WiFi capabilities in a GoPro for the first time on the HD HERO2. I spent a lot of hours in After Effects on this one."

6. Space Robot TV Commercial

"It's short, but it’s very ‘feel good’ in one of my favorite commercials we've ever made."

5. Descent Into the Lava of Marum

"An eerie, but fascinating, account of descending into a lava volcano."

You can read the full behind-the-scenes story here.

4. Whale Fantasia 

"Beautiful music paired with breathtaking underwater shots."

3. Combing Valparaiso's Hills

"Enjoy a visual feast while downhill mountain bikers descend through one of the most colorful cities in the world."

2. Lions

One of GoPro's most viewed videos of all time—51 million, and counting—and an amazing story of conservation. Also, who doesn't love lion cuddles.

1. Red Bull Stratos

Relive this incredible moment with sweaty palms as you feel like you're hanging on the edge of space.

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