Apr 30, 2018

Awarded content creator Isaac Werk has spent most of his life on Maui. Known by his Instagram handle @dahawaiian_scooterguy, Isaac shoots all kinds of stuff with his GoPro, and it’s always infused with his signature vibrant colors, positive vibes and Hawaiian style.

We caught up with Isaac to learn more about his GoPro secrets that have earned him multiple photo awards.

What got you started shooting on GoPro?

I’ve lived on Maui basically my whole life. Ever since I got my first camera six years ago, I’ve been super interested and inspired by photography and videography. In 2014, I saw the GoPro display in my local surf shop for the first time, and I was really captivated by the things you could capture with a GoPro. I bought my first GoPro–the HERO3 White–and used every spare moment I had to practice using my new GoPro.

At the time I was really into capturing my friends surfing waves at the beach or doing tricks at the skatepark. It was always super fun to see what I could capture when we reviewed the footage.

Over the years I’ve slowly upgraded my equipment and have ventured all over Maui in search of getting awesome content to share with friends and family. I now have the HERO6 Black and love capturing anything from turtles in the ocean to pineapples splashing in the surf to epic aerial sunsets with my GoPro Karma. All in all, I’m stoked to be able to capture awesome content with my GoPro wherever I go!

Why do you submit to GoPro Awards?

It’s always fun to get recognized for the work that I do as a new photographer. It helps me see that what I’m doing is valuable to others and worthy of attention.

What’s your favorite activity to shoot?

I have so many things that I love shooting, but I think my favorite is getting sunset photos of palm trees on the beach with my Karma Drone.

What’s your favorite GoPro accessory?

One of my favorite mounts is the QuickClip. I love it for getting quick POV shots, and I always have it on me whenever I go on a shoot.

How has GoPro helped you grow as a content creator?

GoPro has helped me realize all the great angles I can capture, and, overall, how to capture a great shot. The GoPro Instagram profile has also featured some of my content, which has helped me build my personal audience.

Your content has a pretty unique look. How did you develop your personal style?

It definitely didn’t happen overnight. It took lots of analyzing and messing with settings to get the look I wanted. I definitely took inspiration from all my favorite content creators. I tried to emulate all their styles. I took notes on the things I liked about their styles and what I didn’t like. Eventually I came up with a style that I really enjoy creating.

How did you use the cash you earned for your awards?

I always use that money to help increase my production quality. Whether that be in camera mounts, equipment, software, etc. Recently, I upgraded to the new HERO6, and I’m super stoked to test the limits of this camera!

Tell us about your pineapple shot.

This pineapple shot has a lot of meaning to me, and it has to be one of the luckiest captures of my career. It was late January and Mitch (a GoPro content creator who has really inspired me) was visiting Maui and wanted to meet up. Mitch, my good friend Matt and I all met up at one of my favorite beaches, Makena Big Beach. Conditions that day were not the best. The waves were small and it was partly cloudy which definitely made it a challenge to get any good shots. Nonetheless, Mitch, Matt and I all had a great time shooting photos together and learning from each other.

I was shooting with my HERO5. The settings I used that day were Burst Photo mode, 30 photos in 2 seconds with Protune on, set at EV Comp -0.5, ISO min/max 100, WB Auto, Sharpness Med and Color GoPro.

I went home that night to review the photos, and I found this perfectly timed shot of my pineapple right as the sun came out to light up the water splashing behind it. I was so stoked to get that shot that I had to submit it to GoPro Awards!

Mahalo to Issac for all his great insight and amazing imagery. Be sure to check out more of his photos and videos on his Instagram profile.