Do you use an Android device? Are you super on top of software updates? Have you heard of Android 10 (formerly referred to as Android Q)? Do you use the GoPro App? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, read on my green-bubble friends.

On Sept. 3, Google announced the launch of Android 10 on the Android Open Source Project platform, and by 2020, the rollout to all Android 10-compatible devices will be complete.

So why is GoPro talking about it? Because Android 10 is not compatible with the current GoPro App—YET. The good news is that we are super close to supporting the latest Android update. The bad news is we are still working on compatibility, so if you do update to Android 10 and you’re using the current GoPro App (v6.0), your device will not be able to pair or connect with your GoPro. This is true for both new and existing GoPro cameras that you’ve controlled via the GoPro App.

We recommend holding off on updating to Android 10 until we have a chance to rollout the 6.2 app update. If the excitement is too much and you can’t wait, then rest assured we’ll have the GoPro App working seamlessly with Android 10 before you know it.  

If you have any questions, you can reach our award-winning customer support team here.