GoPro is known for capturing unique angles and perspectives that other cameras can’t replicate. While you can stretch and contort your body to get the shot you’re looking for, it’s easier to take advantage of our mounting system.

Mounting your camera opens a world of possibilities, allows you to be in the action while keeping your hands free. No matter what you want to capture, there’s probably a mount for it. But the ones we’re going to talk about here are the basics that every GoPro owner should know about. 


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Selfie sticks are great for group shots, interesting angles, reaching tough spaces and of course, selfies. Your GoPro works with many extension poles, but we also created an amazingly versatile alternative. The 3-Way™ can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or a tripod. Its multiple joints also allow you to position your GoPro for the perfect angle and keep the extension arm out of your photos and videos.

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You can also find mounts to turn your favorite gear into extension arms. For example, our Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole mount can secure your GoPro to a paddle or ski pole—allowing you to capture yourself without interrupting your activity. 



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Mount your GoPro to objects with our range of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary mounts that put your camera on everything from cars to guitars, even a backboard. Use your imagination and you’ll find new perspectives that give you a completely different and unexpected view. For the most flexibility when you’re getting started, we recommend the multi-purpose JAWS Flex Clamp.  



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JAWS can mount your GoPro to anything from a kid’s toy to a musical instrument. The bendable arm also allows you experiment with multiple angles in the same location. Suddenly, even the most routine activities around the house can look pretty cool. 





GoPro got started strapped to a wrist. Today, wearable mounts capture immersive points-of-view and allow you to shoot hands-free so you can focus on what you’re doing.

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Chest & Head Mounting

Whether you’re chasing your kids, pedaling your beach cruiser or cooking up something in the kitchen, mount a GoPro to your chest or head. Use our Chesty to capture everything from your point of view while keeping your hands and arms free.  


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Body Mounting

Ripping down a water slide with your kids? Try mounting your GoPro on your ankle and aim it back at you. Looking for an action selfie while you’re snowboarding? Mount it to your wrist. Either way, the Strap is a perfect mount. It’s adjustable so you can put a GoPro on your hand, thigh, arm and a wide variety of objects. 



As you can see, GoPro mounts are the secret to capture incredible angles and new perspectives. Have fun. Try new things and experiment with some of the basic GoPro mounts. You never know where that next killer shot will come from.