Today, I officially join the GoPro board of directors – a role which closely tracks with my experiences helping transform the cultural landscape of mass media.

I see GoPro as a global change agent in evolving how people tell and experience the stories that shape their lives.  GoPro represents everything that excites me in a media company: deeply respected products and an inspiring, globally recognized brand; profoundly engaging content available on multiple platforms, and an incredibly passionate audience.  GoPro also represents what excites me in any modern company – the recognition they need to embrace, empower, and promote diversity, in the company and in their customer base.

Some abbreviated background on me to frame why I jumped at the opportunity to serve on GoPro’s board of directors: For most of my career I served in creative and executive positions at some of the world's greatest media companies. I left that world about two years ago. One of the things I do today is publish an e-newsletter, the LZ Sunday Paper–a passion project that promised to deliver a weekly dose of interesting content about and by women in business. I’m extremely proud of how both the content and the audience for the newsletter has scaled to include content for women and men from many demographics and cultural perspectives around the world. 

Like GoPro content, the goal of our stories is to inspire, surprise, entertain and bring people together. I’m excited about helping Nick Woodman and GoPro’s board guide the company.  I’m also excited about how much I can learn about visual communication from the GoPro team and the millions of people around the world who use GoPro hardware, software and platforms to capture and share the most important moments of their lives.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be at GoPro - joining the team at GoPro is an extension of what I’ve done throughout my whole career, and I’m proud to be here. 


– Lauren Zalaznick