What if you give your pet a GoPro? Or better yet, what if your pet learns how to capture and edit GoPro footage better than you?

Let’s just say you’re about to drool over their edits more than a hungry dog staring down a juicy burger. We know because the pet-loving people at Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures harnessed the action-sports-fueled ideology at GoPro to take the idea of pets looking like their owners to a whole new level. They now look, act and capture footage like their thrill-seeking owners.

The motley main crew — from bunnies to budgies — of Illumination Entertainment’s The The Secret Life of Pets, which hits theaters on July 8, is here to show us just how skilled these newfound GoPro pet prodigies are — all while their owners aren’t looking.

Take Peanut (Brian Delaney) for example. This lovable, talented Chihuahua is at the forefront of the pooch-POV movement. Despite his lack of opposable thumbs, Peanut produced a two-minute edit with a GoPro HERO4 Black and GoPro software that left our own media team chomping at the bit for more. Watch the full edit above (or click here).

This custom piece of content, co-created by Illumination Entertainment’s Creative Marketing team, draws inspiration from fan-favorite action sport moments that can only be captured by a GoPro.  

Whether Peanut mounted the HERO4 Black to his own head, or secured it on a friend’s, throughout the short you can follow his uncanny ability to capture classic GoPro moments. Just watch, you’ll see him catch the bungee-jumping pug, Mel (voiced by Bobby Moynihan); an inherently wing-suit-ready budgie; the skateboarding duo of Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) and Gidget (voiced by Jenny Slate); and a Guinea Pig (voiced by Chris Renaud) getting pitted all around the Big Apple.

GoPro’s mount-anywhere design allows people and pets alike to capture captivating POV content that can be enjoyed long after adventures or vacations are over. Especially when you harness the power of GoPro’s software, which Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures nod to as the animals huddle around a laptop to replay their day of adventure.

It’s true — when owners are away, the pets will play, and thanks to Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, we now have the footage to prove it. If only our four-legged friends had a platform to share their work on … PetTube, anyone?

Catch Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets in theaters July 8, and remember to keep an eye out for Peanut (GoPro’s personal fan favorite) as he plays a critical role in the story!


GoPro inspires people to capture and share experiences from every perspective, including the POV of our furry friends. Some of GoPro’s most engaged content is when the camera is in the right paws, claws, or even wings. We’re stoked that Illumination and Universal recognize how GoPro cameras have changed our perspective as humans and capture compelling content of our animals as well. Make sure to check back on The Inside Line for the latest news on The Secret Life of Pets.