Johnny Lo wasn’t always a mellow, savor-the-moment kind of guy. Well, it’s not that he wasn’t; it’s just that he was more focused on catching his next racing-fueled adrenaline fix than smelling the roses. But just over two years ago, that changed.

The young dentist's wife became pregnant with their baby boy, and Johnny’s outlook began to change. He slowed down a bit and began to focus on capturing the importance of the moment. This is also when he began developing a knack for photography, using a GoPro to bridge his new passion with his fast-paced nature.

“Seeing my son grow up, I realized life wasn’t about chasing the big moments, but about capturing the small ones,” he says. “They grow up so fast, I feel like the only thing I can do is to chase those moments and keep them, because they are gone before you know it.”

“What ultimately inspires me to create content is passion,” Johnny explains. “Passion for the arts and nature. Passion to advance and accelerate my knowledge for videography. Passion to create something that can be passed on when I'm gone. Passion to learn and share with other likeminded individuals. Passion for life.”

It seems his passion is paying off, and he will have plenty of it to share with his new baby boy when he gets older. Johnny captured, edited and submitted the piece below ringing in the New Year with a spectacular fireworks show at one of the world's tallest buildings, Taipei 101, and it earned him his first (and definitely not last) GoPro Award. 

Like hundreds of others, Johnny Lo is using his GoPro to capture his passions, and in doing so, he has received multiple GoPro Awards for his efforts. But it hasn't stopped there for J-Lo; he has been asked to join the GoPro family as an official Social Advocate, and to top it all off, GoPro Social decided to grant him a dream trip during its #DreamReal campaign. Yep; Awards, Advocacy, and even Airways, all for capturing his passions on a GoPro.

It doesn't matter what you do; capture it with a GoPro and you may just receive an Award for it...and maybe more. 

Cheers, Johnny!

Johnny's Favorite Mount: JAWS Flex Clamp
It's so versatile. It detaches and can be used as a selfie stick or clamp alone. It's stable, robust and durable. I haven't left home without it ever. It literally clamps to anything, and it's light enough for my son to grasp:) I've used it for every video I've produced.


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