Every Thursday at GoPro, employees are encouraged to get out and live their passions for two hours in what GoPro calls Live It. Eat It. Love It. During yesterday’s Live It, GoPro welcomed two of its most badass content creating athletes to swing by — pro kayakers and filmmakers Rafa Ortiz and Rush Sturges. They came by headquarters to show off their new film, Chasing Niagara, which chronicles Rafa’s goal of descending Niagara Falls on a kayak, and the training required to run the falls.

The film began life five years ago, when Rafa made the decision he was going to run Niagara Falls in a kayak. He knew, however, that to succeed in this feat he would need to surround himself with an all-star crew to help him train and document the journey. Rafa enlisted the help of fellow pro-paddler, filmmaker, and GoPro athlete Rush Sturges to help him prepare, as well as direct the film that would result from their experience. What followed was years of training and shooting for the feat, with the crew traveling all over the world tackling waterfalls big and small, as Rafa got ready to tackle Niagara. After three years of shooting, and two long years of editing, the film was completed, and it’s definitely one to watch.

After the film, the guys were nice enough to hang around and answer some of our audience’s questions surrounding the movie, and then even do a Facebook Live Q&A for our social fans, giving away a free GoPro Hero Session in the process. 

Make sure to pick up the movie on iTunes here- HERE and stay tuned from a GoPro Kayaking Tips and Tricks article featuring these two pros!