The GoPro Player for Windows is now available. And, the beauty of this player is in the 360 details. We recognize editing 360 content can be complicated and the tools can often lead to less-than-desirable results. So, our goal is that GoPro Player makes playing and editing your 360 media fun and easy to manage, while still producing stunning results. Sure, the GoPro app can help, but we know the desktop interface is often times best to really get your creativity flowing.

GoPro Player for Windows, released in August 2020, is not only one of the best ways to interact and play with your 360 footage, but it is also brings the power of Reframe to make amazing edits in a simple and intuitive way. And today, it's getting an upgrade!

As of December, the GoPro Player for Windows offers the following - with the newest features listed first.

  • Add Motion Blur: Finesse your video by adding realism, exaggerating movement, smoothing out shaky footage and making motion look more natural with Motion Blur.
  • Lens Correction: Easily remove fisheye distortion that might be occurring as a result of visible optical curving.
  • Ability to Extract a 2D Image from a 360 Photo: Quickly extract a standard 2D image from any 360 photo.
  • Reframe: Experiment with countless views, choose the best shots and instantly create cinematic transitions with a click of a keyframe. Then export a traditional video or photo you can edit and share.
  • Export + Edit: Export both spherical and traditional .mp4 files that are compatible with other editing software and are ready to be shared on social.
  • Convert 360 Videos: Want to keep your video 360 and to share your 360 experience?  Use the player to export in standard 360 formats for YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • Frame Grab: Never miss a great shot. Capture incredible photos from any of your 360 or traditional videos by grabbing a frame.
  • Horizon Leveling: Adjust the horizon in your videos to keep it level—whether you’re getting sideways, running or doing backflips.
  • World Lock: Set the orientation of your 360 videos and minimize rotation in your footage.
  • Trim: Trim with frame-by-frame accuracy to keep only the parts you want in your videos.
  • Playback: View all videos and photos from your GoPro MAX camera right in the player
  • Batch Export: We’ve made it easy to quickly convert and queue up your 360 media and edits as a batch. (We figured you can use the extra hours to do something more productive than manually exporting footage one-by-one.)

Current options for managing, transcoding, reviewing and exporting 360 content are limited for Windows, which is why we set out to bridge what we felt were the gaps and what would benefit MAX users the most.

PRO TIP: For pro-level tools, there’s GoPro FX Reframe. It’s a free plugin for Adobe Premiere that gives creators ultimate control and seamless integration into their existing workflows. Or, you can upload your edits straight from the GoPro Player to YouTube.
You can download the GoPro Player for Windows here. There is also a version of the GoPro Player for Mac available users here.