Aug 1, 2018

Name a more dynamic duo to come out of Canada than Celine Dion and her voice. Maybe Drake and Degrassi? Or French fries and gravy? Perhaps its jean-on-jean with cowboy boots? Or maybe, just maybe, the most dynamic Canadian duo of 2018 is GoPro and Jake Rich.

Don’t believe us? Check out this epic video he put together about the 2018 GoPro Creator Summit celebrating Alberta and the unapologetically breathtaking beauty of Canada. This piece earned him a $5,000 GoPro Award and all the bragging rights.    

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This wasn’t the only banger to be awarded at the Summit. In fact, we held daily challenges. The first of which requested a less than 6 second video clip. The five award recipients—Geoff Gulevich, Sam Rader, Marc Bächtold, and the team of Danielle Scott and journalist Brent Rose— submitted everything from mountain bike footage to serene sunrise views and were awarded with a sunrise heli ride above the Canadian Rockies.

Following this challenge, we wanted to see the creators’ best photos. The catch was that they had to be turned around quick and submitted by the end of Day 3 for a proper announcement at the farewell dinner. We were not disappointed.

1. Danielle Scott 


2. Marc Bächtold


3. Louis Cole

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4. Brian Baldrati


5. Marshall Miller

After visiting, we can say with certainty that our neighbors to the north are some of the kindest, most welcoming folks ever. Maybe it’s the maple syrup coursing through their veins, or possibly it’s the epic, untouched wilderness they are surrounded by. We may never truly know, but one thing is for sure, we are honoured to have these memories from the GoPro Creator Summit.