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A Story of Support

In the spring of 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal killed 8,000 people and injured 21,000 more. Entire communities literally crumbled—and the free flight pilots of the Cloudbase Foundation, already working in Nepal, realized they were in a unique position to help. They loaded up their vehicles and headed directly to the epicenter in the Gorkha region.

Free flight pilots are paragliders and hang gliders—people who love adventure sports and the beautiful landscapes they glide through. The Cloudbase Foundation was born when a group of pilots bonded with people living in underserved and remote communities. Today, Cloudbase Foundation pilots work side-by-side with their friends in the community to provide grants, lead hands-on projects, and promote local businesses. They often use GoPro cameras to capture their flying endeavors. Cloudbase Foundation donors frequently receive footage of the pilots’ completed projects, as well as images and video of local people and places.

The organization was running a small and successful community-based education program in Pokhara, Nepal when the earthquake hit. They rapidly expanded the project in response to the disaster, helping to build 1,600 temporary shelters, administering 50 lifelong scholarships for earthquake orphans, and re-building 11 schools and 22 libraries for Nepalis displaced by the quake.

They also launched new waste management programs and food distribution centers and are teaching locally sourced, earthquake-resistant building techniques throughout communities in the Gorkha region.

By making a donation today, you can help the free flight pilots’ ongoing efforts to rebuild Nepal, along with community projects in Honduras, Haiti, Ghana, and throughout Africa and the United States. After all, when you’re helping communities soar, every dollar counts.

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