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How to Make a Compelling Vlog in 5 Steps With GoPro

Aug 01, 2022


Vlogging has grown at breakneck speeds since YouTube started in 2005. Today, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels with around 1 billion hours of video consumed daily. And GoPro has become a favorite camera for capturing vlogging thanks to the small size and go-anywhere design.

But there's more to making the perfect vlog than a camera. Below, we've listed five simple steps to help you create compelling vlog content, followed by some GoPro product recommendations that can help.

We've also included one of our favorite vlogs filmed on our newest camera, HERO10 Black, to provide some vlog-spiration above.

5 Tips to Vlogging Success

1. Find your niche. If you’re looking to tap into a new audience, you need something they want to watch. Though it may sound counterintuitive, being mainstream is not an absolute necessity. Sometimes vlogging about daily life is enough to pique people’s interests, but more often, creators find their niche like extreme sports, travel vlogging, cooking and even eSports. The internet has made it easy to find your even far-out-there audience. No matter where, GoPro is designed to go there, whether by land, sea or air.

2. Get a high-quality, durable camera. Vloggers love using GoPro for quick monologues on the go because the small camera offers a wide lens and a front-facing display that are perfect for turning the camera are to talk to a vlogging audience, while still being light and easy to hold. And when you're moving fast, GoPro’s in-camera HyperSmooth stabilization captures cinematically smooth video so your audience focuses on the overall experience instead of the bouncing horizon.

PRO TIP: For the ultimate stabilization experience, you can swap out the HERO10 or HERO9 Black lens with the Max Lens Mod to get unmatched Max HyperSmooth stabilization, 360-degree horizon lock and ultra-wide field of view options.

3. Think about audio. Once you step outside the confines of your indoor studio setup, practical problems like wind, ambient noise and sound interference may arise and could interfere with how the camera you’re using captures your audio.

HERO10 and HERO9 Black cameras are loaded with advanced wind-reduction settings and three microphones that are designed to reduce interference by shutting off the most impacted mics when wind picks up. If you’re looking to upgrade, HERO10 &HERO9 Black Media Mod provides a weather-resistant case and features a built-in directional mic to capture immersive sound and directional audio, all while providing top quality stereo playback.

4. Choose an interesting location (see inspiration above!). For many vloggers, location is key to creating the ambiance that really brings their story to life. If that’s important to your vlog, a quality high-resolution camera like a GoPro, which now can shoot up to 5.3K resolution at a blistering 60 frames per second (fps), ensures you’re capturing the best video.

PRO TIP: Speed up fps to slow down time and deliver more WOW factor to your fans—trust us, there’s something truly mesmerizing about watching water drops, dogs running or even kids playing in ultra-slow motion. Get up to 8X slo-mo with 240fps capabilities on HERO10 and HERO9 Black cameras.

5. Compose your video in post-production. Some vlogs incorporate the same techniques we see on the big screen – but to pull that off takes time and a computer setup. Or does it? The GoPro Quik app is GoPro’s on-the-go editing app that you can access right from your phone. Edit with the same precision you would on a computer and send it to your viewers as you finish edits.

The Best Camera for All Your Vlogging Requirements

Don't just take our word for it. CNET named HERO9 Black the “Best camera for vlogging wet-and-wild YouTube videos" … But aspiring vloggers have more beyond HERO9:

  • HERO10 Black: The latest GoPro is prepped and ready to rock any vlog straight out of the box—especially if you opt for the HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle that comes with an extra battery, the Shorty tripod and the Magnetic Swivel Clip.

    HERO10 works with all the same Mods as HERO9 Black but employs the new GP2 processor as its engine to deliver 2X the speed and ease.

  • The Mods: For an all-around amazing vlogging experience, load up your HERO10 or HERO9 Black with The Mods, which are designed to enhance your vlogging setup. The Media Mod adds a directional mic and two cold shoe mounts perfect for attaching Light Mod, which gives you that extra fill light, or Display Mod, which adds an extra-large 2-inch vlogging display screen. Throw it on a Shorty to complete the ultimate rig.

  • GoPro MAX: MAX is the best all-in-one vlogging rig. The first of its kind, this 3-in-1 camera is a vlogging device, a 360 camera, and a classic GoPro HERO camera all in one compact package. MAX is a complete solution with its unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilization, four digital lenses for the ideal “look”, front-facing touch screen for easy framing, and six mics that enable shotgun-mic-like audio performance.

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