GoPro MAX already brings a lot to the table—spherical capture in 6K, unbreakable stabilization, shot-gun mic performance, one-press 270-degree panoramic photos and more. Today, a firmware update for MAX will add new features and improved performance that takes the most creative GoPro ever to the next level.

The new features unlocked in this MAX firmware include:

  • Exposure control while in 360 mode
    • Users now have two options for how they want to set exposure while in 360 mode:
      • Hemisphere Exposure: Imagine skiing with MAX mounted on your helmet. In 360 mode, if MAX adjusts for the color on your helmet instead of the snow environment, the snow/action (what you actually want to capture) may be over exposed. Now, you can tell the camera (by pressing down on the touch screen to select exposure areas) to expose for the lens you want, i.e. the front lens that's facing the snow/action when skiing versus the helmet.
      • Spherical Exposure: In 360 mode, you can pick one point in the full 360 sphere that the camera will adjust exposure to. It’s like exposure select, only you can select anywhere in a 360 sphere, and the rest of the 360 sphere will adjust exposure to that selected point.
  • Smart Remote compatibility
    • We most certainly still love the GoPro Smart Remote, even though most users prefer controlling GoPro functions via the GoPro App, now. However, those who disagree with the latter have been clamoring for MAX to work with the Smart Remote … so, wish granted! This firmware update will enable Smart Remote users to control MAX from distances up to 600 ft (180m), including power on/off, adjusting settings, start/stop recording, adding HiLight tags and more.
  • Wind and water noise detection + volume level detection for improved audio with GoPro App videos
    • Bottom line, we keep looking for ways to improve the audio captured. Now, when you Reframe (see video above) a MAX video and save it as an MP4, there is improved audio detection for key moments, ensuring you get more of the sounds you want and less of the sounds you don’t.

Unlock the new MAX firmware here.

If you’re still wondering how to leverage the power of MAX, we’ve done some digging to find some MAX super users doing super things that will be super inspiring. So far, the clear standouts do things like: maximizing the view with Max Superview and using Reframe to turn 360 mode footage into a tiny planet and back again. We’ll let the super users do the explaining: 

1. Reframe with Jake Rich - "When capturing 360 content, keep the camera still and let your surrounding do the talking." 

2. Max HyperSmooth + horizon leveling with Steven Donovan - "[MAX] allows you to just use one of the two lenses to shoot insanely stabilized footage with no need to keyframe movements. A lot of [the video above] was shot in HERO mode (on one lens), and I’m really impressed by it because it has the ability to lock the horizon. It doesn’t matter how the camera is positioned, the horizon will always be level."

3. 360 mode + audio with Teigan Nash + Tanya Vanthuynee - "MAX has six microphones, so not only are we going to be able to see the adventure, but we are going to be able to hear the entire adventure."

4. Breaking down mounting angles with Arata Fukoe

5. Nail the GoPro App edit with Chase Reinford - "This whole video was filmed with [MAX], and I edited it entirely on my phone via their very user friendly app. Stoked GoPro has made 360 video easy to edit."