GoPro is proud to support Outward Bound of California. We are highlighting this special organization's work on Giving Tuesday to inspire generosity during this season. We accompanied the outdoor education nonpfrofit for a day of programming in late 2019 and are excited to bring the expediton to life with our new video. The following words are by Erin Thacher, Communications Coordinator for Outward Bound of California. 

As the middle school students arrived for a day of rock climbing, there was excitement and a touch of nerves in the air. The students lined up in a semi-circle as their Outward Bound California instructor demonstrated how to step into their climbing harnesses and adjust their helmets. First up, they will be learning the knot to tie their climbing rope onto their harness and how to belay their classmates as they climb. 

Outward Bound California serves over 2,500 students, ages 12 and up, every year throughout California. With over 60 partnerships with schools and youth-serving non-profits and programs ranging from one-day experiences to 65-day expeditions, OBCA provides leadership and character development curriculum where students tap into their inherent potential as compassionate leaders, and it empowers them to uncover strengths, overcome fears and cultivate leadership qualities: moral courage, compassion, resiliency.

These students are participating in a one-day rock climbing program in Berkeley, Calif. In this program, students have the opportunity to learn basic rock climbing skills and build teamwork and communication skills. These programs are impactful as students set tangible goals and work together to learn new skills and learn to trust themselves and one another as they belay eachother and work together.

For many students, an OBCA course is an unprecedented, transformational opportunity. Expeditions in awe-inspiring natural settings can provide clarity and a path to wellbeing while one-day programs can foster belonging and compassion within a group. When asked in a course-end evaluation, a majority of students responded that they are more likely to be a leader, accomplish their goals, believe in their ability to succeed, take responsibility for their actions, and serve their communities. OBCA courses are impactful because they can be physically, emotionally, and socially challenging in an environment of safety and inclusion where learning is possible.

Outward Bound California is deeply committed to opening up access for students and schools and facilitating effective community partnerships.  As a non-profit, more than 2/3 of students receive partial or full scholarships to go on a course with us in the High Sierra, Southern California, and in the Bay Area. Along with the rest of the world, the challenges our students face have changed drastically in 2020. We know it will be their spirit and resilience that will carry us forward. 

To support student scholarships to attend a Ropes Challenge Course program in their backyard or a multi-day expedition in the High Sierra, visit