Welcome! You are now tuned into the GoPro Creator Series. This unfiltered series gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how our favorite GoPro Family members are creating content. Grab your notepads, because the following is chock-full of how-to tips + best practices that you’ll want to tap into the next time you charge up your GoPro. 

Arielle Shipe first picked up a GoPro back in 2013 while on a surf trip down under in Byron Bay—it belonged to her boyfriend at the time. She quickly upgraded to her own for the 2014-15 ski season, and she says GoPro has gone everywhere with her ever since—climbing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing and traveling in general. This is her story as of late:

OK, so I’m guessing many of you had a bit more of an abrupt end to your season this year than you expected? ME TOO, I feel ya! Truth be told, this season was way different than I expected even before all the mountains closed down early anyways.

Compared to last season I spent a lot less of the 19/20 ski season in the white room (due to weather patterns, not choice) but looking back this was, by far, my most adventurous season yet! I put more uphill miles + vertical feet in than ever before and, looking back at my footage from this season, I’m so proud of the places I was able to get to solely using human power!

While it’s always super fun to see those videos of yourself snorkeling in the snow, I think most people pass over those joyful candid moments that tell just as much about the adventure, so I’m excited to break down five of my tips + tricks on revisiting your snow footage from this season.


Here are Arielle’s Top 5 Tips + Tricks for using a GoPro action camera in the mountains.


1. Don’t forget about the views.

It’s easy when first going through your footage to focus on all the action shots, but I’m willing to bet you had some pretty epic views as well! When going back through my footage, I always make sure to look for shots that really show the “epicness” of wherever I’ve found myself.

When trying to get the mountains behind you to show up as big and epic as they are in real life, it’s best to set your digital lens to Wide or Linear, instead of a super wide angle like SuperView.

2. Reuse, Reframe, Reshare.

Filmed some 360 footage? It’s actually kind of insane how many different angles, views and clips you can create out of one 360 video clip using the GoPro app. I love to go back into some of my favorite clips and Reframe them in new, creative ways to tell the story from another angle.

PRO TIP: Click here for a Reframe tutorial by a fellow GoPro Family member Abe Kislevitz.

3. Find your friends.

I find that most of us tend to be more focused on our personal action shots than the awesome group shots. Really, shots of your homies crushing it that are like little magical gems waiting on your SD card for you to come find them.

It brings the biggest smile to my face when I come across a shot of my friends and me on an epic day out on the hill or in the backcountry. It makes all the memories from the day come flooding back! Adventures are great but sharing adventures with the people you love is even better!

4. Don’t forget about photos.

When it comes to #GoProSnow shots, we tend to focus more on movement: the pow turn, the hang time or, my personal favorite, my dog chasing me on my skis/snowboard at full speed with the biggest smile on her face. But, sometimes there’s a picture that can sum up the whole experience in a snapshot!

My all-time favorite way to shoot photos is in Time Lapse mode. I set my GoPro to capture a photo every .5 second because I find that it’s easier to capture a more candid style shot that way.

PRO TIP: If you didn’t take any photos, your videos are sure to be stocked full of epic moments. Use the frame grab feature in the GoPro app to save picture-perfect candid’s from some of your favorite videos.

5. Get creative on the GoPro app.

I recently discovered the magic of the GoPro app and how easy it makes making quick edits to share to my stories or Instagram main feed. While the app auto-generates amazing quick edits for you, I love playing around with the different settings in there and customizing an edit.

One of the best features is the music library. There are a bunch of royalty free music options available—share your edits on all your favorite platforms with no copyright worries!


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