Hailing from Japan, Arata Fukoe is a master on GoPro MAX. If artistic folks have a “eye” for design, Arata has an eye for 360 footage. Which is actually very impressive, because while we’re all stuck seeing in 2D, he’s envisioning life in a full 360 degrees. The opportunity for creative greatness is endless when one 360-clip can turn into an infinite number of Reframed traditional clips.

To back up a bit, Reframe is the process of taking a 360 video and reposition field + point of view, as well as yaw, pitch and roll, in post to create a standard video. You can do this via the GoPro App or, in Arata’s case, by using the MAX Exporter for Windows (or GoPro Player on Macs) paired with the GoPro FX Reframe plugin for Adobe After Effects.

In the video below, you’ll see that Arata shows two POVs—the final product as well as himself filming—both from the same clip from the same MAX camera.

“I wanted to show the freedom of expression and the endless possibilities you can gain from using MAX,” Arata says about his educational approach. “Reframing the footage and turning the focus the other way to show myself filming should hopefully make it easier for everyone to understand what I did during the shoot.”

As you can see, things got a little sketchy when the wire-cam was introduced, but it makes for awesome content.

“Using a MAX-mounted wire-cam between posts turned out to be quite challenging because of strong wind conditions,” he laughed. “It probably took at least 10 takes before we succeeded!”

Arata says it’s equally important to choose an eye-catching 360-friendly location as it is to have a vision for the camera positioning and Reframed final shots. For example, he says he chose recognizable Japanese sceneries that would work well with all-encompassing spherical footage rather than locations that showcase only one angle, i.e. with a regular camera.

He also says he chose athlete-friendly spaces to account for cameos from GoPro Athlete Tomomi Nishikubo on the bike and parkour athletes Yuutarou Matsukawa and Takafumi Kimoto.

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