Spending more time at home than usual? We can relate. We can also help by serving up some binge-worthy playlists curated by the people who know our videos best—the GoPro Athletes, Family and staff. 

These bangers are the vaccine to boredom and 100% family friendly, so press pause on your Netflix surfing and press play on these favorites.


This week we are turning to our totally badass female athletes to see what they're binging. Tune in below for a Top 10 Binge-Worthy Bangers list by GoPro’s first female moto athlete and four-time national champ Tarah Geiger.


10. Erik Roner's Umbrella Skydive

“This is a fun one that Erik came up with. It’s something we all dreamed of as a kid and maybe even tried off a roof or two.”

9. Desert Duel: Andy McMillin vs. Taylor Robert

“I have huge respect for these guys and the confidence they had in each other while filming this. To go that fast in rough, unpredictable terrain is difficult enough but to add doing it in that close of proximity to each other is on another level.”

8. Florida Moto with Kailub Russell

“I like this video because it shows how close off-road riders are to disaster in every corner. Trees come up quick and it’s tight. I think this video really shows how fast he’s going through those trees and how quickly you have to react to everything. Plus, the angles they used in this I thought were really creative.”

7. DarkFEST MTB Highlight

“Talk about your stomach dropping out while watching something. The jumps at this event are massive and to be taken along for the ride over them shows just how crazy these guys are.”

6. Eagle Hunters in a New World

“I love anything that has to do with birds of prey, and I had no idea people use them for hunting in this way. Definitely an interesting one to learn something new.”

5. Ronnie Renner Dune Patrol

“Renner is a god in the sand dunes, and he has been setting the bar out there for decades. This is a cool perspective on dune riding with all the slo-mo and incredible cinematography that is almost mesmerizing to watch.”

4. Chuck Patterson Skis Giant Wave at Jaws

“Big waves scare me and to watch Chuck just play with one on a pair of skis with ski poles is fun to watch.”

3. Shark Diving in Tahiti with Mark Healey

“I grew up in the ocean, and everything about it fascinates me. Healey takes us for an incredible trip down below and we get to witness sharks up close and personal.”

2. Shotgun Balloon Drop

“Erik Roner was a man of many talents, but one he was best at was coming up with fun ideas we all wish we could do. Every kid imagines tying enough balloons together to float away, and Erik made that idea come to life for all of our enjoyment.”

1. Insane MTB Tree Drop

“Only someone as savage as Jordie Lunn could come up with an idea this crazy. Seeing it from his perspective as he pushes over that edge is enough to give you shaky knees from just watching.”

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