Getting a GoPro is cool, forgetting to get a mount to go with said GoPro is not cool. We realize that it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect accessory to pair with the flagship HERO8 Black, so we’re here to help in more ways than one.

First of all, starting now, we are throwing a free accessory of your choice in with any HERO8 Black purchase.*

Second, we polled some of our favorite GoPro Family members to learn what their favorite mounts are. Here are some suggestions from top GoPro content creators.

1. Bite Mount + Floaty – Nathan Florence, GoPro Surf Team

“The bite mount is by far my favorite and most used accessory. It’s light and easy on the teeth, and if you want to switch angles or are tired of holding it in your, mouth you can click it into a mount on the board.”

2. Shorty - Brooke Froelich, GoPro Fam

“I use Shorty to take photos of my kids on the slopes or the trail. The Shorty easily fits in my pocket all day before I pull it out for a selfie while we're skiing as a family, or pops up into a tripod to get a photo of me and the kids at the top of a hike.”

3. Helmet Front + Side Mount - Tarah Geiger, GoPro Moto Team

“It really shows how much I am working on the bike while riding and gives the footage a real dynamic feeling.” 


4. Trevor Kennison from the GoPro Snow Team agrees that helmet-mounted POV is the best to use while sit skiing, as you can see below.


5. El Grande + HERO8 Black – Marcus Kleveland, GoPro Snow Team

“[My filmer and I] use El Grande with the HERO8 and try to get as close as possible on jumps and get some dope lines while riding. It's crazy how smooth the stabilization on HERO8 is.”


6 + 7. Chesty – Justin Williams, GoPro Cycling + Ryan Bolohan, GoPro Fam

“I really love Chesty for HERO8. It sits in the middle of everything and can capture what my hands are doing while riding. I think this is a great view because it shows how someone feathers the brakes around corners and how some pre-loads shift when lining up for an attack or when hitting a climb.” - Justin

“When in doubt, chesty it out.” – Ryan (pictured below)

gopro family member ryan bolohan

8 + 9. MAX Grip – Gonzalo Gonzalez de Vega Estrella + Tyler Jordan, GoPro Fam

“I like the MAX Grip for talking pictures because of its tripod. It allows me to frame the composition close to the action and shoot from afar with the GoPro App with the camera set to Burst Mode. This way, I’ll never get hit by a skater while he's trying landing a trick.” – Gonzalo

gopro family member gonzalo gonzalez de vega estrella

“Since I’m always traveling with both a MAX and a HERO8, I love that the MAX Grip offers use as an essential straight grip for MAX at the perfect length and a sturdy telescoping tripod for my HERO8. The height comes in really handy for landscape shots.” – Tyler

gopro family member tyler jordan

10. El Grande – Mike Aldape, a.k.a. DrPurpleTeeth

"My favorite GoPro accessory is the El Grande. Not only is it easy to travel and film with, but the durability is first class."

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