With today’s release of Quik 8.8, users can take frame grabs from videos captured on their phones and will notice a streamlined workflow for editing phone content in Quik. We've also released five new GoPro Original music tracks for Quik video edits. 

The Frame Grab feature is one of the most popular editing tools in Quik today, so we are excited to introduce an improved workflow for getting frame grabs from your phone's videos. Currently, most smartphone users pull stills from a video by taking a screenshot, but with Quik’s Frame Grab tool:

  • You won’t lose quality: Quik’s Frame Grab tool saves images in the same resolution that your video was captured in. Taking a screenshot captures only the resolution of the phone’s screen size, not the videos.
  • It’s easy and precise to scrub to the exact frame: Quik’s scrubber has single-frame accuracy, allowing you to step forward or backward with precision, to easily find that perfect moment.
  • There’s no cropping required: Quik’s Frame Grab tool matches the aspect ratio of the source video. Your phone’s native screenshot feature may require you to crop out additional UI elements.
  • It’s more efficient: Quik frame grabs deliver the same or better resolution in a smaller file size by saving frames as a JPG.

We’ve also made editing phone content faster by allowing users to access and edit content in their camera roll directly in Quik. Now, when users open a photo or video in the Quik “phone” media gallery, they can tap the pencil icon to reveal the Quik editing tools.

This Quik update also enables:

  • Five new GoPro Original music tracks that will automatically beat-sync to your video edits
  • Auto-scanning of your GoPro camera for new footage and transfer it to the Quik app in just a few clicks (coming soon to Android)
  • Applying edits to all media within a draft (filter, color, text duration and photo duration/volume)

Quik is free to download and use on a trial basis. Customers who want to unlock the app’s full capabilities can subscribe for just $1.99/month or $9.99/year. This will include unlimited cloud backup of your imported photos and videos at their original quality when the backup feature is released later this year.

GoPro Subscribers, who pay $49.99/year get all the benefits of a Quik subscription, plus:

  • $100 off up to three new GoPro cameras a year
  • Up to 50% off accessories at GoPro.com
  • Unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro photos and videos at original quality
  • High-quality live streaming from a GoPro to GoPro’s premium streaming platform
  • Guaranteed damaged camera replacement

Or, if you already have Quik, update the app via the Apple or Android app store today.