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Magnetic Swivel Clip


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Magnetic Swivel Clip

Clip it. Grip it. Stick it.

Clip your GoPro to your backpack strap or gear, or use the magnet and stick it to metal surfaces. The 360-swivel feature lets you switch up the angle with ease, and the clip makes a great kickstand.

Product Details

  • Easily clip your GoPro to backpack straps, equipment and more to capture unique perspectives
  • Built-in magnet sticks to metal objects—like appliances or gym equipment—to give you clever, convenient camera placement
  • 360 swivel lets you turn the camera to frame the perfect shot
  • Compact design fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go adventures
  • Works as a kickstand for selfies, group pics or time lapse shots

More options + unique perspectives.

The super versatile built-in clip + magnet are convenient + let you get clever with camera placement.

Convenient clip holds GoPro to packs, equipment + more plus it works as a kickstand for selfies, group pics or time-lapse.

The magnet sticks to metal objects for more options —get creative + see what new perspectives you can find.

Swivels a full 360° to let you switch up the angle with ease + the compact design makes it an easy travel partner.

Clip or cling to nearly anything.

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