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Best Travel Backpacks: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Mar 01, 2023


When you're on the road, you need a backpack that keeps your belongings organized, secure and protected from the elements without holding you back. The best travel backpack for GoPro users is one that keeps up with your adventure while simultaneously letting you immerse yourself in the moment—a bag that offers comfort and removes effort.

What features make a great travel backpack?

Every traveler with a GoPro action camera is driven by different passions and intentions, and that will influence which backpack is best for their needs. However, the best travel backpacks will excel on certain features. These are some of the non-negotiable specs to look for in a great travel pack.

Capacity for the win

As a general rule, packing light is a skill seasoned travelers develop with experience, but a roomy backpack is still a necessity. The longer your trip, the more space you'll need for any equipment you're bringing (including your GoPro camera, of course).

With a generous 32L capacity, GoPro's Weekender Travel Backpack can accompany you on day trips or longer getaways. Weighing only 2.49lbs, this pack is streamlined to lighten the load but can store an impressive amount of clothes and gear. It even has a built-in waterproof pouch for shoes, dirty clothes or whatever else you're looking to keep separated.

The Stash Rolltop Backpack is even lighter, at 1lb, yet still gives the traveler 29L for packing. It's a flexible, ergonomic companion for active expeditions, whether you're on a hike or a bike.

PRO TIP: When going on longer trips, Stash can be rolled up into a compact size to easily fit in another backpack and used as a day bag.

And finally, for a day at the beach or on the water, grab the 35L Storm Dry Waterproof Backpack. This works at a classic dry bag but doubles as a grab-and-go backpack.

Customizable compartments and pockets

The best travel bags make compartmentalizing easy and stress-free, so travelers can access their belongings quickly and effortlessly. GoPro's backpacks and travel bags are built for a variety of storage needs for travelers and action sports enthusiasts. Some of the signature features offered across the range include compartments for:

GoPro's backpacks offer the added benefit of hands-free capture with integrated shoulder mounts on the straps for your GoPro camera, empowering you to keep recording (from an awesome POV) while you're on the move!

Carry-on compatible

A growing number of airlines are eliminating free checked luggage allowance, so travelers need to make sure they're kitted out with carry-on baggage that is lightweight and size compatible. From the Weekender Backpack to the Mission Backpack Duffel Bag, GoPro's collection of travel bags nails carry-on compatibility hands-down, falling comfortably within the dimensions allowed by most airlines—minimizing bulk and maximizing portability.

Backpack with GoPro

Now you know the features that go into a standout travel backpack, but figuring out which of GoPro's collection of precision-engineered travel bags is just right for you may still be a challenge. Each GoPro backpack for travelers enhances comfort, practicality and performance to varying degrees—the rest depends on how you'll be traveling. Know your must-have specs, explore GoPro's collection of travel backpacks and bags and compare them head-to-head before you settle on the one for you.

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