Katie Marylander’s journey at GoPro started when social media was just becoming “a thing” for companies to invest in. Since then, it’s grown into one of the most vital lifelines of a company like GoPro. It's the sole channel where we can simultaneously share product news, celebrate and inspire our community and educate users—and it reaches an international audience. And Katie is now at the helm as GoPro’s Director of Global Social Marketing.

Recently, the impressive reach and killer content across GoPro’s social marketing efforts caught the attention of the Facebook for Business team as they were curating episodes for a new series called “Social Skills.” The series is aimed at giving small businesses tips for better social marketing. The team reached out to Katie to hopefully get more insight into the secret sauce behind GoPro’s social channels, and Katie was happy to sit down and share her expertise!

“Social media marketing is fluid, the platforms are changing, the users’ mindsets are changing, the rules and guidelines are constantly in flux, and it’s our job as social marketers to change with it,” explains Katie. “I wanted to share that even a large business like GoPro, with 47M+ followers on social, has to constantly evolve, test, fail and listen to our audience. None of that comes from a big budget, just a smart marketing team which is accessible to any business.”

And for GoPro specifically, Katie shares in her episode about the mix of UGC (user generate content), a kickass social media strategy and utilizing Facebook’s eCommerce features that have led to her team’s success. A team that Katie says has impacted way more than just her career.

“Managing international teams and learning regional markets has given me such incredible perspective on how different but also how similar people are all around the world,” Katie shares. “I now have friends in every corner of the globe that I get to regularly share ideas, memes and stories.”

You can catch Katie's full episode here, and read more about her GoPro-driven tips on the Facebook for Business website.