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GoPro Awards Announces Earth Day Photo Challenge

Apr 03, 2023


Happy Earth Month! 

We’re constantly in awe of the beauty that Mother Earth offers us every day and want to see this beauty through your lens, so we are kicking off a GoPro Awards Challenge all around Earth Day! Submit your best GoPro photos to the Earth Day Photo Challenge for the opportunity to score a GoPro HERO11 Black and a donation from GoPro to The Ocean Cleanup in your honor. A win for you, a win for the planet! 

The Ocean Cleanup focuses on ridding our oceans of the millions of plastics that are dumped in it each year. The nonprofit has pioneered methods and technologies for removing debris from the world's oceans—reaching significant milestones as they work toward their goal to clean up 90% of the world's floating ocean plastic by 2040. Learn more about their efforts HERE.

How to Enter the Earth Day Photo Challenge

  1. Submit your favorite Earth-inspired photos to GoPro Awards using the Quik app or via by April 22. Be sure to select “Earth Day Photo Challenge” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Five winners will be selected (and contacted via DM) and have their photo shared to GoPro’s Instagram on Earth Day, April 22!

What You’ll Receive: 

  • HERO11 Black Camera
  • 64GB SD Card
  • $250 donation to The Ocean Cleanup

Please Keep in Mind:  By participating in this Award challenge, you are opting in to donating your $250 winnings to The Ocean Cleanup. 

We are honored to celebrate + give back to our home! We can’t wait to see the stunning photos that you submit.

Learn more about GoPro Awards here.


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