More than 29,000 people from 125 countries submitted their favorite HERO9 Black clips for the chance to be featured in the third annual Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel. Only 56 creators made the cut, earning almost $18,000 a piece. 

Tyler Jordan is a family man through and through. Not only is he a longtime GoPro Family member, but he’s also the amazing patriarch of his own Jordan family. And, he’s also got a not-so-secret talent of mastering all things GoPro. When he is behind the camera, you know he’ll be capturing gold.

We caught up with the two-time Million Dollar Challenge Awardee to learn more about what it took to get the shot. Check it out below. 

GoPro: Tell us more about how you got your Million Dollar shot! The mid-air pass off turned out sick. Did you guys have to do a bunch of takes? And, how did you and the skater meet?

Tyler: When the Million Dollar Challenge was announced, Jeromy Green (the pro skater and talent) and I spent some time on the phone planning what we could do to top what we did the year before (~1:25 in the video below).

I’m always about getting GoPro cameras in places unexpected and with proximity-type shots, so I knew we needed something different—something in the action. This is when Jeromy suggested trying a backflip camera hand-off. Having shot with him for years now, I know how capable he is to pull this off, but I had no idea how difficult it would end up being. It took us 25 attempts to finally nail it.

With regards to how we met, never take life’s moments for granted. He and I met when I took my kid to a fellow second grader’s birthday party at the skatepark, and Jeromy happened to be there. There I was taking photos of my kid on his scooter in the skater cross, and Jeromy goes flying over me, making it all look easy. I knew right then and there I needed to meet this guy.

After splitting some of the earnings with Jeromy, you mentioned you had your sights set on a rugged off-road vehicle. Did you get one?

I’ve had a major longing to get out and explore places in the mountains and deserts to freshen up my content with new adventures. I knew I’d need a different vehicle for this, so I just picked up a Jeep Wrangler a few days ago. I feel like a big shackle has been taken off, and I’m so excited for what this year will be like for me as a creator surrounded by new scenery.

 Do you have any other exciting plans for 2021 that you want to share? 

The most exciting thing so far for 2021 is that we’re returning to some post-COVID freedom, and the weird times we’ve been through are going to make every moment we have even more amazing.

What about your dream location that you want to shoot?  

My dream location is French Polynesia. Anywhere down there, but Bora Bora is top of the list for me! Someday I’ll get there!

As a full-time photographer, do you have any tips to share with aspiring folks?

I’ve been a full-time photographer now for about 11 years. Before that, I was a graphic designer and illustrator. My advice for anyone aspiring to go at this full time is to do your best not to let it become your job. Hold on to that stoke that brought you to it in the first place. Use that excitement you have for photography to explore new ways to capture your images.

Also, be kind to others. Don’t be afraid to share the things you learn with others around you. It’s a big enough world for everyone. This is important because we cannot do everything alone and the Million Dollar Challenge is a great example of that.

Watch the HERO9 Black Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel here.