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Meet the Million Dollar Crew: Mirko Paoloni

May 27, 2022


Nearly 28,000 HERO10 Black clips from 131 countries were submitted for the chance to be featured in the fourth annual Million Dollar Challenge highlight reel. Ultimately, 62 creators made the cut, earning $16,129.03 a piece.

This series celebrates the stories and the creative processes of these talented creators. We hope these behind-the-scenes looks inspire you as much as they did us. 

We’re sliding into this week’s Million Dollar Challenge spotlight with a creator who is equal part daredevil, equal part creative mastermind and, most recently, a Million Dollar Challenge recipient.

As a pro downhill skater and filmmaker, Mirko Paoloni has a long history of capturing epic skate shots. But a recent HERO10 Black capture of himself, Lisa Peters, Fred Falco and Nikolay Keller bombing a hill is what caught the eye of the GoPro Media team.

We sat down with Mirko to learn more about his winning shot. Check it out below.

GoPro: What motivated you to submit to the Million Dollar Challenge?

Mirko: The opportunity to organize a trip with the crew to get the best shot!

You were just awarded $16,129.03 USD! Congrats! What do you plan to do with your earnings?

Thank you, GoPro! I will share the amount with the crew [Lisa Peters, Fred Falco and Nikolay Keller].

Where did you get the HERO10 Black you used to film the awarded clip?

Someone gifted me my HERO10 Black!

That’s crazy the camera was gifted! Why were you looking to upgrade to HERO10 Black?

The stabilization and quality is like nothing else in the market, and I love ReelSteady.

When did you first start using GoPro?


What inspired your awarded clip?

It was bad weather that day, and I wasn't really happy with the light conditions. But we decide to give it a try, and it happened. "Making things happen in your life requires faith, or an ability to believe that is unshakable, regardless of your circumstances."

What shots are you excited to chase on HERO10 Black now that you've seen the final video? Any new inspirations?

It's hard to say. Still amazed by the creativity of all the winners from this year! Let's see what the next year brings to us!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with the Million Dollar Challenge?

Without Fred, Lisa and Nikolay this would have not been possible! Thank you, guys!

Watch the HERO10 Black Million Dollar Challenge reel here.


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