Updates to Quik App Bring Smarter Auto HiLights + More Precise Editing Tools Thanks to GoPro Metadata

Mar 30, 2022


The Quik app is getting an update today that makes highlighting your favorite moments even easier. By leveraging the metadata within a GoPro video clip, known as GPMF or GoPro Metadata Format, Quik now intelligently recommends key moments, known as Auto HiLights, beat-syncs them, and automatically compiles them into an edit.

But why callout GPMF? Well, it’s pretty much the fuel powering the Quik engine.

Think about it this way: If you record a video jumping into a pool, there is a change in your GPS path, speed, elevation and g-force. There is also a change in scene, camera temperature and, most likely, your facial expression. Your GoPro is intelligently capturing every single one of these details and recording it as GPMF housed within the .MP4 file. 

The Quik app is designed to read this GPMF data to automatically select key moments to serve up to you as Auto HiLights during the editing process. From there, you can refine these moments further using the updated Trim tool. Ultimately leaving you with one mind-blowing multi-clip edit that took a mere few minutes to upload, edit and share, all within Quik. Let’s break down today’s updates a bit further.

Quik’s editing tool options now feature:

  • Auto HiLights – Quik intelligently recommends multiple Auto HiLight moments from a single clip. You can choose to keep as is, add your own selections or delete any Auto HiLight. You can also turn off Auto HiLights for total control.
  • Easy Multi-Segment Selection – New scrub bar allows you to easily scroll through your video clip and select as many HiLights as you want.
  • Beat-Synced Clip Trimming – Give rhythm to your story by turning Beat Sync ON. Quik will match the beat of the music to your chosen HiLight moments, even as you adjust clip length. This works with both GoPro music and imported tracks.
  • Frame-by-Frame Trim Control – Trim with outstanding precision thanks to our extended video timeline experience. Pinch to zoom in or out of the timeline for frame-by-frame control.

Quik v10.12 is available on iOS and Android from the Apple App and Google Play stores. You can learn more about Quik here.


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