How to manually update Volta.

1. Start by making sure that your GoPro has the latest camera software (the Volta software is embedded your camera’s software).

  • Connect your GoPro to the GoPro Quik app and follow the onscreen instructions if an update is needed.
  • Manually update your GoPro by following the instructions at
  • You can also download the Volta-specific software below and manually install it in your GoPro by placing the file in your camera’s SD card folder.

2. Once your GoPro has the latest software, turn it on. Be sure that it is at least 20% charged.

3. Check that your Volta is also at least 20% charged, and then plug the Volta camera cable into the USB port of your GoPro. Volta will start updating automatically. The update status will be shown on your GoPro’s rear LCD screen and on Volta’s LEDs.

LED Power Indicators

Heads Up: Press any button on Volta to wake it up if it hasn’t been used in the last 24 hours. The update will start automatically once it’s awake.

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