We are thrilled to welcome up-and-coming snowboard superstar Takeru Otsuka to the GoPro Snow Team. Takeru has been sliding his way to snowboard fame the last few years, locking in two X Games gold medals in Aspen (2019) and Norway (2018) as well as topping out the podium at the 2018 Italy World Cup BA and 2018 Secret Garden WC Slopestyle.

Hailing from Kanagawa, Japan, 19-year-old Takeru is starting to give a glimpse of what the future of slopestlye and big air comps will look like. And GoPro can’t wait to be along for the ride and start capturing it along the way.

Takeru said he’s currently rocking the HERO9 Black as his main GoPro. His go-to setup is setting the digital lens to SuperView and mounting in on his helmet or El Grande. This helps him nail both the POV and follow-cam footage. And his second shooter is always GoPro MAX.

“I really like GoPro MAX because I can just start record and it captures everything,” Takeru says (and featured in the video above!). “I can concentrate on my riding, and I never have to worry about framing. I really love the fact that you can edit the footage and get different angles from the same clip.”

In the off season, you can find Takeru surfing and downhill mountain biking. But since we are deep into winter right now, Takeru says he’s got his sights set on future X Games golds, the U.S. Open, and the holy grail of sporting—the Olympics. And, there’s always backcountry, which Takeru says he hopes to film a project riding one day.

Welcome to the team, Takeru! We can’t wait to see the magic you create on and off the hill.