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Celebrating International Surfing Day with JOB

Jun 18, 2022


Surfing is deeply rooted in GoPro’s history, so we’re happy to take any excuse we can get to celebrate and enjoy the sport. Today, in honor of International Surfing Day, we are stoked to share a fresh edit of Jamie O’Brien doing JOB things somewhere south of the border—with plenty of barrels for all.

Besides just “catching a coupla fun ones,” International Surfing Day this year is centered around the theme: “The Beach Belongs to Everyone.” This is something JOB is a huge advocate of when he’s not chasing barrels himself. He heads up the Oahu surf school, Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience, out of Turtle Bay Resort with intent of sharing the psych.

“I hope to inspire the next generation on having a path to choose, whether they’re competing and contest or just making videos,” Jamie told us. He also recommended grabbing some buddies and doing a quick beach cleanup before or after your International Surf Day session.

You can see a similar act of kindness in the edit below. After the crew’s ski broke down, some locals lent a hand. A favor which JOB and crew happily returned, and it gave them enough good karma to conjure up a few days of perfect barrels.

“This trip was amazing. I was actually coming off a knee injury, and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to perform,” Jamie said. “Luckily everything felt great, and we absolutely scored some insane surf! There’s nothing better than flying across the globe and scoring perfection.”

In terms of GoPro gear. Jamie was shooting with the HERO10 Black set to 2.7K at 120fps using the Wide or SuperView digital lens setting. This combination gives him the widest field of view paired with the option to go super slo-mo. 

“I just love slowing down the moment right after I come out of the barrel. I’m watching the clips in the lineup!”

When he’s not dialed in on HERO10 Black, Jamie says he is cranking out 360 content with GoPro MAX.

“I’m just trying to get different shots that nobody has seen! The technology of the GoPro cameras are getting so good—that’s very exciting!”

As for what’s next, Jamie is using his GoPro cameras a bunch to film and inspire the next generation of shredding vloggers.

“My biggest goals are to surpass 1 million on YouTube, and after that, my goal would be to only do special projects and not weekly vlogs,” he says. “I also want to grow Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience and two more locations and continue to give the gift of surfing to the world! It’s so rewarding to share this gift that my father gave me with everyone!”

The best place to tune into JOB’s life is on YouTube. And check out his GoPro surfing camera of choice here.


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